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The Fontainebleau
Las Vegas
Washing Potato

From Restaurateur Alan Yau and designers Archer Humphryes Architects comes washing Potato, a whimsical dining destination that provides a journey through the delicate and intricate traditions of Dim Sum. The abstract, modern architecture of the dining room serves as the ‘stage’ for each guest’s meal, as they indulge in thoughtful bites that promise to invite the imagination,” as described by The Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

The restaurant, Washing Potato, opened in mid-December 2023, and is set in the spectacular, brand new Fontainebleau luxury resort, on the north end of the strip across from Circus Circus. Washing Potato‘s interiors are sparkling and lush – like something out of an Iron Chef set, without the mayhem – and the menu stacked with everything you’d hope to find in a higher end Dim Sum restaurant. At Washing Potato, the food takes centre stage in the literal sense. The abstract and modern architecture includes seating on an elevated stage setup illuminated by theatrical black-box lighting, taking guests on an immersive and uninhibited dining experience.

Alan Yau is a visionary whose global success is a testament to innovation and culinary excellence, and he has outdone himself with Chyna Club and Washing Potato,” says Fontainebleau Las Vegas Senior Vice President of Food and Beverage, Anthony Olheiser. “Transcending expectations in design and service, along with Alan’s signature specialties and inventive takes on classic dishes, these two concepts truly capture the brilliance of their creator.