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Role: Lead Architect & Concept Design

The space and concept as a whole explores a new avenue of dining culture in London, where the preparation and consumption of food is both presented and enjoyed as a rare and precious natural commodity in an environment as holistically and carefully conceived as a fine jewellery store. The architectural experience concentrates on the use of patterned and diffuse light, traditional Japanese materials and the manipulation of space to create dining areas that suite the composite fabric of Soho’s vibrant Brewer St.

The result was described by Charles Champion of the London Evening Standard Restaurant Review as: “very polished indeed. The design makes you want to look through thesaurus for new ways to say, ‘lavish’, ‘posh’ and ‘slick’. Upstairs there is a large cocktail bar with an array of glittering bottles and a dining room that looks good sized until you go down stairs and find one twice as big with what may be the swishest sushi counter in London.”