Phuket Spa & Hotel

Role: Lead Architect & Concept Design

Archer Humphryes Architects were commissioned in 2009 to design phuket, a residential development comprising 256 units located beside a series of lakes on Phuket Island, adjacent to the island’s golf club.

The design has been generated around a courtyard laid out with a series of swimming and play pools, with the resort’s amenity areas housed in individual traditionally detailed Thai structures overlooking the water.

The reception opens directly on to a 30m swimming pool lined with loungers and cabanas, with an open fire place located at the end. The lobby area is housed in a second structure with its own bar and continuous opening doors on to a planted terrace overlooking a second play pool.

The gardens are planted with frangipani trees, palm trees and tropical flowers. The residential units are arranged with inward terraces overlooking the gardens, or external views across the lakes and golf courses. The penthouse suites on the 7th floor are provided with outdoor hot tubs within the building’s loggia.